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27th August 2014

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what’s it about?

Okay. So it’s this 4-koma style manga that’s currently updating and a concurrently running anime that has 8 episodes out right now. The manga is great and cute and hysterical, but the anime flows just so well and makes everything smooth and lively and perfect and it’s great.

It’s about this guy, Nozaki-kun, who is a shoujo manga writer, and the people around him/who help him with the manga. It’s very slice of life about these high school kids, their friendships, and shoujo manga. But it is silly and ridiculous and dumb in the fun cute way (not the “this is stupid” way)

Nozaki is the protagonist, but the focal character is Sakura Chiyo, a girl who has a crush on Nozaki, confesses to him in the first episode, and he thinks she’s a fan of his manga (even though he writes under a female pseudonym and no one except his assistants know he is the writer…because even though he doesn’t hide the fact that he’s this mangaka, no one believes him because his series has been described as ‘knowing the true form of a pure maiden’s young love’ but he is a dumb nerd boy with a stupid face and speaks everything in a monotone. He’s dumb. I love him.)

Sakura becomes one of his assistants. The other characters are Mikoshiba (known as Mikorin) who is the biggest dumb baby loser nerd boy in the entire show. He looks like the archetypical aloof pretty boy asshole player, but he doesn’t know how to talk to girls, so he spouts tropey shoujo lines at them, and then gets EXTREMELY embarrassed and shy and runs away and bangs his head against the wall because he’s a huge loser. He spends his time playing dating sims, collecting shoujo figurines, and helping Nozaki with the manga. Then there’s Kashima - who is not one of the assistants - but she is Mikorin’s best friend, and she is also known as the Prince of the school. She is the lead and star of the Drama club and she says all the same shoujo prince lines that Mikorin does, but means it. (Kinda like Tamaki from Ouran. It’s that same sort of persona, even though she’s a very different character) and therefore seduces all the ladies. She is also a huge dork.

Mikorin and Kashima are my favorites.

I’m not going to get in depth character descriptors of the other characters, even though they’re all beautiful dorky loser people - but there are three other important characters: Hori-senpai and Wakamatsu are the other two assistants and Yuzuki who is Chiyo’s best friend and also simultaneously the love of Wakamatsu’s life and the bane of his existence, because he thinks she is two different people.

It is hysterical and precious and full of nerdlords and I look forward to watching it every week. The first seven episodes are on crunchyroll, I believe, but there are eight currently out. They’re all easily findable by just googling.

I tried not to be too spoilery, but since it’s based on character interactions and not plot, there are not really /spoilers/ because it’s always hysterical to watch these kids interact.

EDIT OF MEMORY: The other day you reblogged a photoset about a character trying to draw but he kept drawing characters standing on boxes and that is from this show

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27th August 2014

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is one of my new favorite anime.

Tagged: oh the inanity!I read all the manga and watched the first five episodes several weeks agoand have been serially keeping up since thenit's so funny and so ridiculousI love it so muchit's so dumb too it's great

27th August 2014

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//This began the rise of Aperture Science.

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27th August 2014

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As the girl, I want the option to wear the guys contest clothes!!! °_°)9


As the girl, I want the option to wear the guys contest clothes!!! °_°)9

Tagged: yesss this exactlyI mean I would love to be able to have the choicebecause the girly clothes are cute tooand so obviously I would coordinate my own contest outfit with my Pokemon's contest outfit

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26th August 2014

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this is apparently happening

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26th August 2014


Okay so I either actually figured out the song/music thing or it got replaced in my head and my brain convinced itself I figured it out so it amounts to the same thing.

It was the middle part of the Lavender Town theme.

I can’t believe I didn’t recognize it sooner.

Tagged: oh the inanity!how do you even music know?Stripe actually solved itbecause my brain was halfway thereand it went 'Pokemon! It's from Pokemon!'and I decided that must mean it was the music in the Ruins of Alph for some reasonand then Stripe was likethat makes sense though I can't think of it because I keep thinking of Lavender townand I then I went WAIT A SECONDand my brain decided/determined it was Lavender Town

26th August 2014

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So I have a song stuck in my head. It’s lyric-less, contains multiple instruments, and I think it might be from a video game, but I have no way to hum it to ask anyone what it might be and I have no idea how to look it up.

And it’s going to drive me crazy.

Tagged: oh the inanity!how do you even music know?because I certainly don'tI also get the feeling of 'winter' when I hear itbut that's just as likely to be because I played the game in the winter as it is because the game/song has winter scenes

25th August 2014

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25th August 2014

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cute candle crush crash


cute candle crush crash

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24th August 2014

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Best. Thing.

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